Infographic: World Snooker Championship 2013


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This infographic was submitted to us by Bet Victor.

This has several elements commonly seen in infographics: timelines, a “by the numbers” section, profiles of key players in the subject, and assorted fun facts. There are lots of great numbers throughout the IG (£6 prize?! Old school!) so you learn a lot about the game in a short amount of time.

Because there are so many numbers here, I’d love to see some data visualization incorporated! £6? How about 6 £1 notes? 12 finals won by Scottish players? 12 Scottish flags! That takes some of the reading out of the infographic, and makes it even quicker and more intuitive for the viewer. This infographic does feature a fair amount of text (the timeline being the most crowded example), so any opportunities to cut down on text should be integrated into a great infographic.

Still, the overall aesthetic remains playful, colorful, and lively, so it’s fun to move from section to section. The design also manages to incorporate illustration elements with photos, and it isn’t too jarring — sometimes this combination can be awkward.

In all I would give this infographic a B-. It contains a lot of good data, but could rely less on text to convey its info — telling stories with images is one of the key functions of a great infographic.

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