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This infographic was submitted to us by Iron Mountain. Here is the detailed description they provided:

World Paper Free Day has returned this October reminding us that, despite an increased awareness of the damage caused by excessive paper production, business paper use is still on the rise across the world.

This infographic highlights the key figures showing increased paper use and invites the audience to rethink their companies recycling practices. How many trees could they save?

As a change in attitude is crucial to facilitate improvements, Iron Mountain has surveyed businesses to understand their attitudes to recycling and moving paper out of the office environment through digitising and off-site storage and secure shredding. The infographic contains some key figures to show the range of opinions across Europe.

Finally, it highlights the steps that businesses can take both on an individual and organisational level, to improve, from scanning and digitising their archive to securely shredding documents no longer needed.

This infographic has a lot of great facts and suggestions in addition to nice data-visualization. Had I known October 27th was World Paper Free Day, this infographic would have convinced me to participate. I was pretty surprised by some of the statistics as well. I know there is a lot of paper wasted, but I didn’t know that the amount equaled to the average person printing 45 sheets per day. That seems a bit excessive to me. I particularly like the suggestions and visualization of what people can do to conserve paper.

The entire infographic has a nice flow and stays consistent to the theme of information. I also really like the color scheme- not only does it stand out, but it fits into the earthy/conservation theme as well.

As far as grading this infographic, I would not hesitate to give it an A. It fits all the requirement of a great infographic and I can’t think of any changes that should be made.

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