Infographic: World of Android Trade-Ins


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The design has a nice logical flow, and including images of the phones with each model name is really helpful here for people to distinguish one from the other. It’s also got valuable information for those who are wanting to upgrade their Android devices and get the maximum value from their old phone.

Unfortunately, this infographic has a lot of proofreading issues that keep tripping me up. The initial quote is missing an apostrophe from “Android’s” as well as missing the “f” in “reflected” and the hyphen in “trade-ins.” The subsequent headline reads “Traded Ins” instead of “Trade-Ins,” and the problems continue throughout.

I’d also like to see a conclusion of some sort. The quote at the top of the infographic serves as an introduction of sorts, and including an intro and conclusion on your infographic helps bookend the story that the infographic is trying to tell.

In all I’d give this infographic a C. Better proofing and focus on telling a story from beginning to end could definitely improve it.

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