Infographic: Workplace Fires… Don’t Take the Risk!


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This design was submitted to us by Fire Seals Direct!

The infographic does a great job of providing visuals for each of its points. At first glance it’s easy to see the topic is fires, and right in the first section with a businessman it’s also a safe bet that it’s about regulations or workplace safety. From there, each illustration clearly shows what the requirement/question is about — that’s a very important characteristic of a great infographic, and this design does a great job.

My main recommendation would be to end the design with a call to action, whether it’s a question about fire safety, a reminder to check your workplace for compliance, or even a suggestion to get in touch with Fire Seals Direct — if a company does want to all attention to their business, the CTA is the right place to do it.

In all I’d give this infographic an A-, because for the situations where there is data it would be great to see a visual representation of those figures.

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