Infographic: Workers Affected by Mesothelioma


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We designed this infographic for, so it wouldn’t be fair to say this infographic has some great examples of data viz and looks like it was designed by someone we’d like to be friends with. (But we said it anyway.)

Here’s a description they provided, too:

“Did you know that asbestos is the largest cause of occupational cancer in the United States, and that we still import tons of this lethal material? What’s more, it doesn’t take much asbestos exposure to inhale or ingest enough asbestos and start the process towards developing mesothelioma, asbestosis, or another asbestos-related disease like lung cancer. In fact, some mesothelioma patients are the wives of men who worked with asbestos, who brought the tiny, deadly fibers home on their clothing, skin, and hair. Just this limited amount of asbestos exposure was enough to lead to a mesothelioma diagnosis decades later.”
Still, let us know your thoughts!

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