Infographic: WordPress Usage Within Top 100k Internet Sites


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This infographic comes to us from the people at Hacker Target.

I like the simple color scheme of this that fits right in with the WordPress logo. I also like the variety of graphs and representations of data.

This infographic has pretty good data visualization overall and not too much text so I give it a B. I like the downward flow of information at the beginning of it, the data reminds me of water drops flowing from a faucet. The section of “drops” displaying data about the different versions is good, however there are several unnecessary circles that don’t have any statistics in them that could be removed to make it less cluttered.

The bar chart for the statistics about exploits is another good feature, the red color sets it apart from the rest of the information and the little crawling bugs let you know what it is trying to display. One problem I have with this infographic is that you have to scroll down quite a bit to see all of the information, but some of the numbers are still very small and hard to read, so shrinking the whole thing is out of the question as it is. I suggest getting rid of one or two things on this infographic, such as the top 20 rankings maybe, to make it a little bit shorter and more organized. Additionally, some of the fonts should be enlarged to make them more readable. Some of the fonts should also be changed from light gray to white or some other color that stands out more from the background.

The flow of this infographic is pretty good and the data visualization is also good, with a little work it could easily get a higher grade than a B.


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