Infographic: Why You’re an STD Risk


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This infographic was submitted to us by the folks at Health Testing

I like all the angry little STD cartoons all over this infographic. The illustrations are one of the best things about this piece, filling up the extra space. The bright colors are also pretty visually enticing here.

It’s difficult to call this an infographic since there is no data visualization. This is all text–since there are so many percentages, facts and figures here, it really needs the support of some charts and graphs to make it an infographic. IGs are supposed to tell a story visually, and if the text is removed, the majority of that story should still be clear. If we removed the text here, we’d just have some cute cartoon characters.

Additionally, a lot of the information seems unreliable. The “Top Risk Factors” section at the start of this infographic doesn’t list any statistics–just that you’re “more likely” to contract an STD if these conditions are met. For the “What You Can Get if Your Partner is Infected” section, HIV is not listed as a known, possible or unknown risk of vaginal sex for women–and even without researching, I know that isn’t true.

There’s also the concern of the resolution on this infographic–at just 96 DPI, it’s pretty blurry all over. This makes reading the text (especially the smaller text, like the sources) a bit of a challenge.

Overall I’d have to give this infographic a D. High res is important, correct and thorough information is important, and data viz is essential. When this infographic has all these things, it could be a valuable resource for the public.

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