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This infographic was submitted to us by Sensible Internet.

There’s a lot of useful data here to help convince a business owner why they might need a website if they don’t already have one. It’s clear from going through this infographic that the Internet is the place to be to reach more customers, and that there’s a right and wrong way to do it.

There are inconsistencies throughout with periods, symbols (percent or %), capitalization (“google” should be “Google,” “Internet” is sometimes written as “internet”), etc. I also feel that some of the stats aren’t necessary or may detract from the message. For example, I’m not sure the Internet vs. TV stat is serving the cause that well, as it shows the amount of people willing to give up the Internet as about equal to those willing to give up TV. If that number were more in favor of the Internet it would be a great point to make, but the actual statistic just isn’t that compelling.

This infographic could also use a storyline (it just sort of ends at what people are doing wrong, without offering a solution) and more attention to design. The font is really standard, the colors are mostly shades of gray and the illustration of the guy on his laptop is reused in mirror image. The data viz is also identical across the board. The design of an infographic is one half of the two very important components of an infographic: information and graphics. Without a solid hold on both, the piece won’t be up to its full potential.

In all, I’d give it a C: it feels more like a first draft of research and design. Proofing for both of these elements could make significant improvements!

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