Infographic: Why Top Talent Leave Their Jobs


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This infographic about five reasons why top talent leave their jobs comes to us from the people at

I like the flow and simplicity of this infographic. It keeps the information short and to the point and is not cluttered with all kinds of text or unnecessary images.

Overall I give this a B. One suggestion that I have is to add something to the bars showing percentages that would create a little more data visualization. I do like the graphics that represent each of the top five reasons, it is easy to tell what the reason is without reading the text. The angry looking guy wearing a crown is clearly a bad boss and the sinking ship clearly represents a failing business. I can tell that the little award ribbon stands for recognition, and the briefcase climbing stairs is a clever way to represent internal politics or climbing the corporate ladder.

I said I like the shortness of the information in this, but I feel like there could be a little more of it, not a lot, just one or two more facts or statistics for each of the five reasons. This could add a lot and provide opportunities for more data visualization. I like the overall color scheme and design of this infographic, it is easy to understand and held my attention. In my opinion it is better to have an infographic that is a little short on information and graphics rather than one that is text-heavy or full of images that don’t make any sense.

This is a pretty good infographic with no major problems and I like the graphics that are there. With a little more data visualization and maybe some additional information and data I would give this a higher grade.


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