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Aspen submitted this infographic for us.

The aesthetic of this IG is pretty sleek. It sort of reminds me of social media sites–something about the font, the dark background, the pop of the colors, the little icons. The design is definitely themed, with a road map background, road signs, speedometers, etc. and the data is interesting. Who knew people talked about cars so much? Well, Aspen does:

“People love talking about their cars, whether a fuel-efficient sedan or expensive sports car. This passion and the sheer volume of conversations (an average of 2.4 million each day) creates a huge opportunity for automotive brands and businesses.”

(I found it pretty surprising that people talk about actually buying cars more frequently than they talk about wanting one. It’s not a critique; the data is there. Strange, though!)

There are a few big things holding this infographic back for me. The first and most obvious is the scale and orientation. IGs that are more than about 1,000 pixels wide mean people have to scroll horizontally; this one is nearly 3,000 pixels wide and 1,000 long, and that’s a lot of scrolling in both directions. The second major issue is that the data isn’t really visualized. Percentages and stats are just stated numerically throughout.

Also, there’s some data thrown in that seems to be just filling up space. The Top 5 Keywords for every category are nearly identical, with minor differences like “concerned/concerning” and “fees/fee.” People aren’t going to keep reading repetitive information. The general Top Keywords section gets the point across just fine. The Contact Aspen info is the biggest single section on the whole IG, which is also pretty distracting.

Since the design of this IG is modern and engaging, it’s too bad to see data and data viz weren’t put to better use. Horizontal orientation is a big barrier, too. I’ll have to give this infographic a D. It’s a great start with some serious potential, but it needs work.

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