Infographic: Why it STILL Makes Sense To Buy A Home


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This infographic comes from the people over at The message here is rather straightforward: even in a down market, it still makes sense to invest in a house. While the point is made with adequate data visualization, some of the graphs feel a bit crowded and confusing, which takes away from the overall message. That being said, the infographic uses a clean color palette and good data visualization to effectively tell a story.

First off, the color scheme works well with the data being conveyed. It’s not too harsh on the eyes, and helps draw attention to the images and makes the graphics pop off the page. It’s clean and simple, which helps tremendously. The third graph in the infographic, comparing a decade’s worth of unstable stock prices compared to relatively predictable real estate prices, really helps drive home the safety and value of home investment even in a hostile market and doesn’t require a ton of text to explain its significance.

The first two graphs, however, seem a bit half-baked. By including the amount by which homeowner’s net worth is greater than renters (x31 in 1998, x36 in 2001, etc.) adds a bit too much to the graph and could distract the reader and negate the graph’s impact. The visual data in itself is impacting enough to be left as is. A much larger stack of gold coins for homeowners vs a much smaller stack for renters. The second graph showing tax savings also requires too much reading and analyzing.

Apart from the first two graphs, the infographic as a whole does a great job with avoiding being too text heavy. Statistics and graphs are generally well explained and serve their purpose in telling a clear story.

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