Infographic: Why Hiring a Campervan is the Best Way to Explore Australia


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A campervan rental is a preferred choice for travelling Australia as it’s an economical, convenient and is a cost effective way of seeing attractions and landmarks without any limitations on transportation and your plans can be changed at anytime. Campervans and motorhomes come in all shapes and sizes and often include your basic essentials such as beds, sinks, cooking facilities and a fridge. If you choose to go with a luxury vehicle, these can also include a shower and a toilet.

Australia is a huge country and you can be on the road for hours at times without any petrol stations, mobile reception and water so it is highly advisable that you have a GPS and are prepared for all situations.

Here are some rental tips you should be aware of:

You drive on the left hand side of the road in Australia
You need to be at least 21 years of age to rent a campervan from most suppliers
Rental companies can charge you one way fees if you are dropping the vehicle off in another location
Insurance charges vary from company to company and if you don’t take out full insurance you need to pay a costly excess fee if something goes wrong.

The design features a diagram of a campervan and details about their features and the advantages of traveling in one. There is quite a bit of text throughout that could be trimmed up to save some time and reduce the risk of viewers skimming/skipping over the information — especially in cases where the copy seems to repeat itself, such as the “Experience” bubble under “What is a Campervan?”

The design also features a mix of several illustration styles including 3D, which is a bit distracting when viewed all together.

In all I’d give this design a D. It could use more consistency, more proofreading, and less copy to best illustrate its points.

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