Infographic: Why Healthcare Job Seekers Choose the Pacific Northwest


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This infographic was submitted to us by the folks at Signature Services!

This great guide shows that it pays (in more ways than one!) to be a healthcare professional in the PNW. It does a great job of stacking the facts and leaving the pitch to the very end — it’s just a quick note about the types of care the company provides.

There’s some great data viz and iconography. The colors even feel regional (purple for Huskies and green for Ducks, perhaps…?). If I didn’t already live in Washington, I’d be convinced to move to the area based on all the great stats showcasing its appeal.

The design also does a great job of minimizing text where possible (although a map using the icons for “Most Active” “Most Earth-Friendly” etc. would also have been fun!) and breaking up sections with clear banners/headers.

My only note is a tiny one: “healthcare” vs. “health care” changes a lot throughout the infographic! It’s a controversial one that I believe has only recently come into use as a compound word, but the consistency rather than which one is chosen is the more important part.

In all I’d give this infographic an A-!

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