Infographic: Why Frozen Is The Most Successful Disney Movie Of All Time


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Presto sent us this infographic! They also included a quick description:

What’s the story behind Disney’s animated movie blockbuster Frozen? Our infographic has the low-down on why Disney movies are back and better than ever before.

The design features great images from the movie and some impressive stats about just how popular Frozen really is. However, the information is presented completely with text, so the viewer can’t actually process the information visually. For instance, I’d love to see the “Highest Grossing Animated Films Ever” presented as a bar graph so that the viewer can really see just how much more Frozen grossed than any of the other films (over 2x more than Finding Nemo!).

Additionally, it’s important to proofread your infographics thoroughly before launching. The “Frozen Facts” callout about Hans Christian Andersen repeats the information that Frozen is based on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale The Snow Queen.

In all I’d give this infographic a D, since all of the information is conveyed with text only, and the visuals are more of a background image.

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