Infographic: Who’s the Better Driver? Battle of the Sexes


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This infographic was submitted to us by Creditplus, who provided this description:

According to the timeless Leonard Cohen’s song, there is a war between the man and the woman. In this war there is a common battle that continues to rage, one that will finally decide who are the better drivers, men or women. This infographic produced by Creditplus should finally put an end to the fighting.

Unlike emotions, stats are cold and pragmatic – we’ve looked at the three most obvious factors that set apart good drivers from bad ones: the driving test, parking abilities and the number of serious crashes they are involved in. As often happens with these studies, the results are bound to be argued by the losing side. Questions such as the number of drivers per gender and the miles driven per year are likely to be asked, so we have provided these stats as well. There could only be one winner in this battle and although they are unlikely to win the war, it will be one step closer for one of our genders.

This offers a really clear depiction of who’s who in the driving world in the UK. The illustrations are cute, the design is simple and easy to interpret. The humorous copy really helps move the storyline along, too.

But what I’d love to see is more data visualization here! While the designer shows via body language/facial expression and written numbers who wins each round, there is no visual representation of the numbers themselves to bring that message across.

So 49.6% of males pass their tests, but only 43.3% of females do? Make the male proportionally taller, or the box containing “49.6%” larger/longer. The visual representation of numbers is what makes infographics so easy to read. As is, looking only at the visuals, I’m coming away with who won, but not by how much.

The only spot with actual data viz here is the total number of drivers. More of that type of viz and this IG could be great!

I’d rate this a C as an infographic, because of the lack of visualized data, but I’ll give it an A as a tool, because it’s so darn cute and funny!

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