Infographic: Which Superhero Has the Worst Credit Rating?


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Aspire Money sent this graphic to us!

This is a pretty interesting concept; I like the idea of pitting the anticipated costs of each superhero against one another.

However, since all of the information is conveyed with text, it isn’t actually an infographic. We’d need to see some icons/illustrations of the things that each superhero purchased, or graphs about their spending. Numbers and details should be visualized so that the viewer doesn’t have to read to get the information. Unfortunately, right now the only visualization is each of the 4 superheroes, so viewers do have to read all of the accompanying text to get the story.

Another note: it’s good to include image sources, but where did all the information in the text come from? It’s critical to cite information sources so that viewers know where the information came from and can double-check it if they wish.

In all it’d be tough to rate this as an infographic, but I would go with a D because no information is visualized. Again, I love the concept, but a different visual execution is needed to really categorize this as an infographic. Luckily the data is rich with opportunities for that visualization, so a redesign and the inclusion of sources could make this really interesting!

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