Infographic: Which Social Media Personality Are You?


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Creare submitted this infographic about social media personalities! It’s a flow chart/quiz to determine what your social media habits mean, offering up advice in case you’re in need of some modifications to those habits.

It can be a bit difficult to judge flow charts as infographics, because they often do need to rely on text (questions/statements to react to) — while those can be supplemented with icons and illustrations, the text usually needs to pull most of the weight. I think this flow chart is fairly effective, but there were definitely spots where it got a little difficult to tell which lines were the answers for that question and which were lines leading back to previous questions. Small details like arrows can help mitigate that problem so viewers don’t get lost trying to get to the end.

The illustrations for the results are cute and help explain how people might be using social media to their advantage — or disadvantage.

In all I’d give this a C- since it relies mostly on text, and while that’s in part due to the format, steps could have been taken to make the flow chart a bit more clear and incorporate visuals, tying the characters or elements like them into the flow chart itself.

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