Infographic: Wheelchair Facts, Numbers and Figures


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KD Smart Chair submitted this infographic to us!

The graphic contains a lot of great information about the history and importance of wheelchairs. The illustrations are clean and intriguing, and they help provide a unified feel throughout.

Something I’d like to see is more section headers to break up the information. They’re attempted early on, but after the “2018” header it’s a bit of a jumble figuring out which stats relate to 2018 and which need a new header. This would help the viewer navigate the design with a bit more confidence. For instance, the stat “There are an estimated 3.3 million wheelchair users…” seems to be talking about present day, but is under the 2018 header.

One of my favorite elements is the clever wheelchair wheel circle charts for the 17.4% and 11.2% stats near the bottom. This is a fun way to incorporate data visualization that is a bit beyond the norm.

In all I’d give this infographic a B because it could benefit from more organization throughout, but it contains a lot of great information, cites its sources, and keeps text relatively light.

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