Infographic: What’s the Future of SMS Marketing?


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TextAnywhere submitted this infographic to us! It details the history of SMS, compares its marketing efficacy to that of emails, and shows a few stats about SMS as a whole. The design uses a fairly consistent palette throughout (with some exceptions) and is light on text.

What the design needs is more visualization of information. By looking at the infographic, you can tell that the subject has to do with mobile phones, but not a lot of the visuals point directly to SMS/text messaging. When there are statistics, they’re shown exclusively through numerals and text rather than data visualization. Some iconography is used to help define the subjects, which is definitely a step in the right direction, but data visualization would help drive home some of the key points (like the huge difference between a 90-second SMS response time and a 90-minute email response time, or the percentages in the Facts section). That would make a huge difference in helping the design move from illustrated article to infographic.

In all I’d give the design a C, because the improvements it could use are pretty common in the world of infographics, but it does stay on-topic about SMS Marketing and keep information brief — those are 2 key attributes that do contribute to a successful infographic design.

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