Infographic: What’s Really Scary About Social Media?


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This Halloween-themed infographic about social media comes to us from the people at Shoutlet.

I really like the spooky theme and overall design of this infographic. It is a great creative way to look at social media at this time of year and tie it in with what people think is scary about using social media.

The grade that I give this as an infographic is a C- because it is very text heavy and readers have to get most of the information from reading. Because of all the text there is not a whole lot of data visualization present in this. It looks really nice and there are some cool graphics that go with the theme but they do not help to present the data in a visual way. For example, the section with the crows on a wire and all the speech bubbles looks really good, but every piece of information is in the text.

It would add a lot if there were graphics to go with the data that is in text. One area that could be improved easily is the section about what the worst spooky character at social media would be. The addition of an illustration of each type of spooky creature would add some visualization to go with the percentages. The same goes for the section about what horror movie social media is most like; pictures of the movie villains or characters would add some visualization.

I do really like the humor and the theme of this infographic. It takes some serious data and some not-so-serious data and mixes it together in a creative and interesting way. With some additional graphics and less text the data visualization would be improved a lot and I could give this a higher grade.


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