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Infographic: What’s Causing My Headache?!


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Headaches can disrupt all aspects of your life – and can also be caused by many aspects of your life.

Since there are 200 different varieties and 90% of people have them sometimes, identifying each sufferer’s cause is difficult.

Nearly half of adults had a headache in the past year, and 50% of sufferers selfmedicate for pain relief ( Migraines cost 157 million workdays
annually, since 92% of migraine sufferers say the pain interferes with work. Yet 60% of those with migraines go undiagnosed.

Common causes for headaches include:

Sexual activity can spur headaches. Pain increases gradually as arousal grows. Sudden head pain around orgasm follows – talk about a mood killer!

Stress can also induce “tension headaches”: the most common cause of adult headaches. Nine in 10 people will have at least one.

Caffeine amounts in excess of 200mg can result in headaches, and the average US adult consumes 277mg – 2 to 3 cups of coffee – per day.

Allergies are bothersome enough with sneezing and sniffling, but histamines can also lead to headaches. Allergic reactions dilate blood vessels in the brain, building
pressure. Allergy sufferers are 14 times more likely to have migraines.

Alcohol leads to dehydration: the main cause of hangovers. It also expands the brain’s blood vessels. As your liver processes alcohol, it produces acetaldehyde, which causes headaches, too.

Many foods can result in headaches, from sweets (even sugar-free sweets!) to salty snacks and even bananas.

Sit up straight: bad posture creates tension in the shoulders and neck, spreading into a headache. Jaw clenching can do the same.

The environment around you can impact your headaches. Weather changes are the top cause (73%), but smells, lights, and heights can cause them, too.

With this information, maybe now you can seek the right type of headache relief ( for you.

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