Infographic: What’s All the Buzz About Collagen?


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Gold Collagen sent us this infographic, which talks about collagen and its impact on the body (specifically, on appearance) as we age. It shows a diagram of where collagen is and how it’s represented in our skin, then goes on to talk about how it diminishes over time and the results of that decline in collagen. It would be great to show the 1.5% yearly decline as a chart over time (as after 10 years you’d have 15% less collagen, etc.). The possible results of taking a collagen supplement are shown with representative icons, which is helpful for the viewer.

One thing that would improve this infographic is the inclusion of sources. The infographic claims we lose 1.5% of our collagen each year starting in our late 20s, and that if we add hydrolyzed collagen to our daily routines, we may see results in several areas of our appearance — but without any sources listed to back it up, it’s hard for the viewer to trust in the information being provided.

In all I’d give this infographic a C, because there are many visual cues and brief, to-the-point information. However, the lack of sources brings its credibility into question.

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