Infographic: What Your Lingerie Says About You


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This infographic was submitted to us by The Sexy Lingerie Shop.

While it starts off with two good examples of stylized data viz, but after that the IG is all text. It’s difficult to judge as an infographic this way, since there aren’t that many numbers to show.

Within the text there are some grammar and capitalization inconsistencies (i.e. 1: build self confidence 2: to feel powerful–where was “to” in the first point?) that make the lack of data viz stand out even more. Plus, I was surprised that since the infographic is so short, we didn’t get more than three of the reasons women buy lingerie and more than four colors of lingerie. We all know there are more than four colors of lingerie–and pink, the background color, isn’t even included!

This is a great topic and I’d love to see it expanded with more data. After all, who doesn’t want to find out more about lingerie, lingerie preferences, personality by lingerie type and more? We’re naturally fascinated by this stuff!

Again, it’s hard to grade as an infographic–I’d have to give it a C for sheer lack of data and data viz.

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