Infographic: What You Don’t Want to Know About Hair Removal


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This infographic was submitted to us by Laser Docs.

There’s a lot of data visualization here to help support the text, and the design does a pretty good job of minimizing text overall. I definitely learned a lot about body hair!

Some of the data meshes well with the title, but I’m not sure everything is something I “didn’t want to know,” like for how many years women shave or that women under 30 are more likely to remove their pubic hair — just a note to consider how your title impacts the data you present! (I think the chimpanzee fact is something I’d rather not have known, though… that one was spot-on.)

The infographic leads off with a typo; always be sure to proof your work carefully! “A women will use 128.6…” should be “A woman will use 128.6…”

The hot pink background is a bold move. It’s clear that that’s a component of the brand, but perhaps it could have been utilized as an accent color. While a background color other than white is definitely optimal, something that bright could be difficult to look at on certain screens and might deter some viewers from reading on. Color is fantastic, but be mindful of making it aesthetically pleasing.

In all I’d give this a B for great use of data and data visualization, but be careful with typos and colors!

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