Infographic: What Type of Cruiser Are You?


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This infographic comes to us from the folks at Cruise Deals.

I like the layout of this a lot, it is divided up in easy to understand sections that present the information very visually. There is not too much text and there are lots of images that are understandable without needing captions or descriptions.

Overall I give this a B+. I really like the way that this infographic depicts amenities of the different types of cruise ships. The pictures show the reader exactly what they can expect to find on a cruise ship and I like how there are different colors for different categories; yellow for food and drink, blue for entertainment, and red for physical activities. Separating cruise amenities into river cruise and ocean cruise types is a nice touch as well. The river cruise section separates amenities between the river cruiser and the city which is a nice touch.

There are a couple of suggestions I have to improve this infographic. At the beginning there are pictures of the different sizes of cruiser and then a figure that says fares run from $99-$100,000. That is a pretty wide range and I think it would be nice if it was broken down into smaller ranges for each of the different types of cruise ships. Another suggestion I have is to change how the world maps look, or at least change the colors of the continents because the blue on blue on blue tends to blend together. I do like the features of the maps that highlight popular destinations, but again the look of these could be changed to make them stand out more.

The overall flow of this infographic is nice and has good data visualization, the colors are a little bit too blue-heavy but given the topic it makes sense. A few minor changes could really add a lot to this.

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