Infographic: What Professions Are Popular Among Graduates in 2014


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This infographic makes use of a consistent color palette and established font choices, which is important when creating a unified aesthetic. It’s always best to make those kinds of creative choices from the beginning and hold the design to them throughout. It also includes some great stats that contribute to the overall picture.

In the Johns Hopkins survey, I’d say that the numerals within each donut chart could work within the body copy so that the percentages don’t have to be repeated. It looks like the 60% repeat is a mistake since it doesn’t really fit in with the copy (“60% working for just 60% $10.23/h.”), and the part time copy repeats the wrong percentage (26% While 50% were working part time). Be really careful that your copy and data visualization are correctly representing the stat!

Organization and flow could also use a look: it feels like the infographic puts groups of stats together without sufficient transition to explain the order or purpose of the sections. There are also several typos throughout (“What’s really important to you?” has 2 big ones), stressing the importance of proofing your copy meticulously before publishing.

In all I’d give this infographic a C since it was designed with clear intention as far as purely aesthetic choices, but doesn’t follow through in presentation of copy, story line, and statistics. Another look at the story (the foundation of the piece) would help improve it, since the framework of the design is already established!

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