Infographic: What Makes a Craftsman Home?


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This infographic was submitted to us by They also provided this description:

The Craftsman home represents a return to simplicity and quality craftsmanship – and it has re-emerged as one of the most coveted house plan styles in the United States today. In fact, recent data shows the Craftsman style is popular across all age groups and regions. The following infographic explores the hallmark features of a Craftsman home plan, as well as how the beloved style developed.

This graphic is a great tool for those wondering what it is that actually makes a Craftsman home a Craftsman. The illustrations are clear and helpful, the color palette is intriguing but not overpowering, and the chart showing relationships between similar house styles is a nice touch.

Classic infographics involve data visualization, and the chart is a good way to visualize relationships, while the map showing the states where Craftsman homes dominate is a traditional and effective technique. But since the map deals with the only numbers here, there’s no opportunity for bar charts, pie graphs, etc. The designer did a good job tackling the information given despite the lack of data, though.

The block of text for “America’s First Craftsman Home” and “Lloyd Wright & Craftsman” looks a little weighty between two text-light illustrations, so I might consider breaking them up in some way. My eye wants to skip over them to check out the diagrams instead. I wouldn’t say that either has too much text, all things considered, but together they look a little thick.

In all I’d give this a B — a few more data points with numbers would be a great addition to this design!

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