Infographic: What Is Credit Rating?


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This infographic comes to us from aquaCard, who provided this description:

“Financial information is quite complex and lots of it can be a bit overwhelming; which is
why aquaCard decided to create an infographic to explain what your credit rating is.

The infographic explains what affects a credit rating and how it’s calculated by credit
agencies; hopefully armed with all this information, in the clear and concise format of the
infographic, people will be much clearer on how they can improve their personal credit

This is a good guide for learning about credit ratings in general. It would help prepare a first-time borrower for what they might expect. It’s neatly laid out between good and bad, and ends with steps you can take to improve–this is a classic “storyline” for infographics. It doesn’t have dimensional problems, either.

What I want to see more of, though, are numbers. How many loans are applied for every year in the UK? What percentage of UK residents have at least one loan? What’s the average APR there? This type of data is critical in order to put data visualization to work. This IG is practically all text, and while it has illustrations, they aren’t data viz. They’re just cute pictures.

The white background is also problematic. This will make the infographic bleed into many of the web pages it’ll land on. In general, all-black or all-white backgrounds should be avoided for this reason–and also because there are so many more interesting background options available.

With a more thorough analysis of the subject, a little sprucing up in the design department, and a focus on data visualization, this could work out to be a very useful infographic. As it is, I’m giving it a C.

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