“Infographic”: What Is A Residential Femtocell?


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This one was submitted to us via the folks at Wilson Street. Here is what they had to say upon submitting it to us:

Graphic detailing what a residential femtocell is and how the technology works.

A femtocell is a small device that is used to improve wireless coverage over a small area, mostly indoor. It is a small cellular base station, also called a wireless access point that connects to a broadband Internet connection and broadcasts it into radio waves in its area of coverage. As a result, mobile handsets can handle phone calls through the femtocell, via the broadband Internet connection.

This is a flowchart, not an infographic.

Flowcharts often work as components as infographic, but do not define an infographic at all. It is possible to incorporate some data that can be visualized here: by how much does a femtocell increase battery life? How much faster or more reliable a data service does it offer? How much does it cost?

To reiterate: a flowchart does not an infographic make. Data visualization needs to be incorporated for it to be count. That said, I am convinced that you can find appropriate, quantitative data on just about any subject. Transforming something like this into an actual infographic would take work, but is certainly not impossible.

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