Infographic: What is a Credit Score?


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Evolution Money sent this design to us. It describes what a credit score is and how it’s tracked in the UK. Some sections do a pretty good job of providing illustrations that help tell the story, but others could use a bit more support.

I like what’s happening in “What’s On Your Credit Report?” and “Your Score is Checked When You…” since each icon shows what the text describes, reducing the reliance on the text to tell the story. However, once we get down to “What Impacts Your Score?” an overarching visual metaphor takes over, with each callout shown by a familiar-looking digital space alien rather than something to represent each of the situations that impact credit scores. That means viewers do have to read the descriptions to know what might impact their score. Same with “Improve Your Credit Rating” — the balloons don’t represent any of the methods of improving credit.

In all I’d give this design a B though because it’s pretty informative, succinct, and well-organized. A concluding statement would help tie things together at the end, as well.

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