Infographic: What Do People Think of Business Jargon?


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The infographic source for this interactive submission is Powwownow.

This is a really fun (and funny) interactive experience! Anyone who’s worked in a corporate business environment is sure to be able to relate. The infographic keeps text to a minimum and allows users to engage in order to reveal the stats.

A suggestion for improvement would be to incorporate data visualization on the flip sides. Each has a percentage but no visual representation or variation. The first one, 21%, could be “Only about 1 in 5 people are happy to work with people who use business jargon on conversation” and then show 5 people, 1 with a smile and 4 with frowns. The initial drawing for this prompt implies that, but it’s only 4 people so it’s not quite accurate as data visualization. Only the very last slide incorporates data visualization, but it doesn’t seem to be correct — the 62% figure looks more like 78% on the circle graph.

The style is consistent throughout and matches the tone of the piece. Overall this is really engaging and fun — I’d give it a B, as it could stand to boost the data visualization and ensure its accuracy.

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