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This infographic was submitted by Shellshock UK. They provided the following description:

BrightonSEO is one of the best and most loved conferences in the UK. This incredible free event boasts a selection of high-profile leading authority speakers and an element of fun thrown into the day. BrightonSEO commissioned a souvenir poster as a keepsake for speakers and VIP guests. Only a limited edition of 50 prints were made but you can see a digital version here. The infographic outlines the growth of the conference and the historic venue of The Dome in Brighton.

I really like the overall aesthetic of the infographic, though a background other than white would be nice. There is a lot of good data here that illustrates the event. I love the stat about the event selling out faster than Justin Bieber, and the roller coaster chart for 3900% growth is so cute! I’d love to see more actual data visualization like that chart in order to break up all the text in the graphic.

It’s short and sweet, which is important for an infographic that aims to hold the viewer’s attention, but there is so much packed into the small space that it still winds up looking a bit overwhelming. One of the reasons I like the roller coaster chart so much is that that’s where my eye goes–it’s the most unique element, aside from the pier skyline.

Overall I would give this a B-, though, because of the packed appearance and a few missed opportunities for data viz. Adding another few hundred pixels to the length would really help this breath more so that the viewer could really absorb the information. It’s all there, it’s just hard to digest!

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