Infographic: Weird and Wacky Road Rules from Around the World


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This infographic was submitted to us by Sinnamon Lawyers; they also provided a short description!

There are some pretty wacky road rules out there! Check out this infographic from Sinnamon Lawyers which exposes some of the weirdest driving laws from around the world.

The road theme on this design is fitting since it discusses road rules. Most of the illustrations serve to help tell the story that the text is getting at, too. The designer has chosen a color palette, illustration style, and set of fonts to run with for the length of the design, which is important for a cohesive feel.

One thing to watch is consistent capitalization; the section headers are extremely varied in what’s capitalized, but you should pick either sentence casing or title casing and stick with it throughout.

Additionally, there is a substantial amount of text to each callout. The messages its telling are important, but they could be broken up into shorter bullet points or have their own data visualization so that it doesn’t have the appearance of a paragraph.

In all I’d give this infographic a B- since it tells you what you want to know based on the title, but could use a bit of text trimming and proofreading to bring it up to speed.

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