Infographic: Web Hosting Plan Must Haves


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Cheap Web Hosting Now sent us this infographic!

This infographic gives some good tips on how to get the most from your web hosting plan. Marketing credits, tools, and additional features give viewers an idea of what they should be looking for in web hosting.

The ribbon ends around the header are a good visual cue to draw the viewer’s eye, and the circular ribbons surrounding the icons for each section also help delineate the section breaks.

Aesthetically, this design has a lot going on, and would really benefit from being simplified. Fewer typefaces, one consistent illustration style, and eliminating or at least minimizing the use of clip art and logos would really help this to look like one unified design. As-is it is hard for the viewer to pay attention to the content, since the inconsistent look and feel is currently pretty distracting.

In all I’d give this design a D, because the design could use some work to be sure that the message isn’t missed.

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