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Simply copy the code below and paste it into the HTML of your blog, website, or Static FBML box on Facebook submitted this infographic about web hosting to us. It defines some basic terms and talks about what services should be offered in a basic web hosting service plan. The design makes great use of icons and illustrations to support the text, so that early on we can tell visually what the topic is.

One illustration I’m curious about is the conference room illustration for “What services are given by web hosting companies?” as what’s shown (people meeting with calendars, notepads, etc.) doesn’t specifically correlate to the services mentioned (domain name registration, email hosting services, SSL certificates). Because the copy is right on top of the illustration, I expected a clearer tie-in here — be careful what visual devices you use in each situation! One option would be a checklist or even a checkout page on a browser, showing somebody selecting the services. Another route could have been icons, or even a list with typography sans illustration.

In addition, the drop shadow on each element in this illustration makes it stand out from the other illustrations; not only does it have a different feel, but the physics are a bit off. The way the shadow is portrayed, all the objects on the table appear to be hovering rather than resting on the surface (most noticeably the pencil and the arms/hands of everyone at the table). In this way, both the different illustration style and the errors in the shadows make this piece rather distracting.

The subsequent section uses icons to support the text in each box, which is pretty helpful — the Customer Service and Uptime icons are especially successful.

I would recommend including a concluding statement or call-to-action at the end to help tie everything together. Right now, the viewer looks through “What are the types of web server hosting?” and then the graphic just ends with a logo and URL — it’s best practice to summarize what’s been said or provoke some kind of thought or action for the viewer to walk away with.

In all I’d give this infographic a C; in some places the visuals work harder than others, and illustration consistency is important. In addition, an intro and conclusion would be helpful to punctuate the information and ground the viewer.

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