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This infographic was submitted to us by Find Me a Gift.

The first illustration makes me drool a little — I miss Bourbon cookies (as we’d call them in the US) from my own trip to England!

Throughout, though, it looks like the illustration style changes considerably. It’s best for an infographic to set just one aesthetic and stick with it throughout so that the focus stays on the illustrations and information rather than on how the appearance is changing.

The pie chart for the best dunk time is fun! Unfortunately, not all of the chart pieces seem to be proportional. For example, Oreos is 1.5 seconds but it’s smaller than the 1 second for Shortbread Fingers, which is also smaller than the 1 second for Choc Cookies. When employing data visualization, it’s important to make sure that it accurately portrays the data.

Since we don’t have the corresponding numbers for the nutrition facts, I can’t be sure whether the data is being shown proportionally on that bar graph, but it is interesting to look at!

A quick typo note as well that under the Preferred Drinks section, “On It’s Own” should be “On Its Own” — remember to proof your infographics carefully before publishing.

Overall, this infographic is a lot of fun to look at, and it’s headed in the right direction with small amounts of text and greater emphasis on illustration and data visualization. I’d give it a C overall, since accuracy and consistency are so important.

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