Infographic: Wasted Time in the Workplace


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This infographic about wasted time in the workplace comes to us from the people at Biz 3.0.

I really like the overall flow of the data presented in this infographic and I give it an A. I think that the data is depicted in an easy to read way and many of the graphics used compliment the statistics nicely. I particularly like the graphics showing what people waste time on at work, such as the burgers for long lunch breaks and the suitcases for conducting personal business. The large graphic of a magnifying glass over a globe is a nice touch as well for representing internet monitoring by employers.

One thing that I don’t really like is the pie chart at the very top. I find it to be misleading because although the title of it is productivity loss, only one of the statistics provided actually has to do with productivity loss while the other statistic regards social media policy which is a topic dealt with later on in the infographic. I would rather see this pie chart have more statistics about productivity loss, or removed entirely.

Another strong feature of this infographic is the data about workplace use of email, the simple graphics of envelopes colored in with different shades are a good way to represent this data. I like the overall color scheme, the contrast between the blue and orange works well, and the few focal point graphics that pop out with different colors break up the monotony. One example of this is the chart of blacklisted websites that really stands out in the middle and uses nice logos from the actual sites.

This is a great infographic with a good balance between text and visuals. It flows well and presents statistics in a straighforward way with good data visualization.

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