Infographic: Visualizing the Future of Travel


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Discount Park & Ride sent us this infographic along with a description:

100 years ago the first commercial flight in America took off from St. Petersburg and safely landed in Tampa, FL. Since that historic flight, major advances in plane, boat, and car technology have made it possible to travel large distances in a relatively short amount of time. However, many travelers continue to desire a faster, more comfortable method of travel that has yet to arrive. Well, in the next couple decades, that dream is about to become a reality.

This design has a lot of interesting concepts for future vehicles! It’s exciting to see what travel might become. The illustrations help bring these concepts to life and show consumers how we might expect to travel someday. Some icon elements also help drive the facts, such as flags and quantograms. The “Renting Cars” section is my favorite for its organized use of illustration, icons, and text.

One issue with the design is just the image quality; it’s saved out at a pretty low resolution, making the lines fuzzy and some of the text hard to read (especially the light blue text on white background in the Eoseas section).

In all I’d give this infographic a B because I’d like to see more data visualization for some of the numbers called out, but it’s got the right idea with small chunks of text and careful organization (including an intro and conclusion).

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