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Case Sicule sent us this design about traveling to Pozzallo. It shows some facts about the city and major attractions to visit. I like the effort made for interesting data viz and that the design has a pretty unified color scheme.

However, there are a few aspects of the design that could be improved to increase efficacy. To start, there are a lot of typos throughout, raising the importance of thoroughly proofing your designs before posting. Additionally, the data visualization that is used isn’t quite accurate — the “30% cheaper” icon looks to be more like 50%, and the 95% “pie chart,” while cute, is more like 55—65%. It’s important to be sure your data visualization is truly accurate; otherwise viewers do still have to rely entirely on the text to get the right information.

I’d also love to see pictures of each and every destination listed on “What to visit in Pozzallo” — especially for those who don’t speak Italian, it would be great to see what this text really translates to and why these are great places to visit while in Pozzallo.

In all I’d like to see more detail and more careful use of copy and design elements for precision, so for now I’d rate this a D as it isn’t as useful as it could be.

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