“Infographic”: Verbs with Prepositions


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This was submitted to us by the folks at I really like the simplicity of the design and the color palette but unfortunately, this cannot really be called an infographic. There is no data visualization, nor is there anything to visualize – the entire thing is text. It is also incredibly short – much shorter than any infographic, actually. This is why I have to give the infographic a C-.

The design aesthetic is alright, but there just isn’t enough to it without any data visualization. Remember, if I can take out all of the text and it doesn’t make sense, then it is not an infographic. I understand that the topics of grammar and language are difficult to to visualize with numbers, and the designer clearly did the best they could to make this as much an infographic as possible with the information that they had. It would certainly help to include more information and grammar rules with different verbs, but I wonder if there is very much data available on verbs in general – the English language is so vast that I’m sure that numbers and statistics would be difficult to turn out. If those numbers were available, that could transform this piece into a great infographic – I have no doubt that this designer would be able to create an interesting design. The challenge, then would be creating a design that both relies on data and presents a clear story – which is a difficult at first, but nothing that cannot be learned with practice!

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