Infographic: Valentine’s Day For Love or For Money


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Deal Nerd sent us this infographic along with a description:

As a Valentine’s Day quickly approaches once again millions of men and women across the nation are woefully unprepared for this holiday. As we part with our hard-earned money in the the name of love, we wanted to know whether most relationships do it “For Love or For Money.”

Our team at Deal Nerd analyzed the numbers from the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association, a division of the National Retail Federation survey on consumer spending to determine exactly how much effort we are all putting into our Valentine’s Day gifts and found out some fun facts about Valentine’s Day as a consumer holiday.

The infographic starts off with a nice header and proceeds into a few stats about the Valentine’s Day experience. The combination of icons and data viz works well here, though I would suggest a different form of data visualization — the reason is that by using nontraditional shapes (unlike a circle or rectangle), this form opens debate as to whether you fill the percentage by height or by volume. These appear to be completed based on the height of the object, but that doesn’t always visually translate quite clearly. Later, however, the data visualization tapers off.

In all I’d give this infographic a C. I’d like to see more organization, since right now the order of the stats in this infographic doesn’t seem to matter. In crafting a narrative, order should be important — this can be emphasized with section headers. There also isn’t an intro or conclusion, which are great devices for shaping the beginning, middle, and end of that narrative. However, its aesthetic matches the topic, it makes an attempt at data visualization, and it does a good job of keeping things nice and succinct.

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