Infographic: Using Body Language to Be More Attractive


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This infographic comes from 100 Best Dating Sites.

I have to say, this is pretty cute. I was sold at the head-tilting “Attractive” and “Not Attractive” comparison–it cracked me up. (Special mention also goes to “the rich are too busy to maintain eye contact” and the Uncle Jesse shoutout.) It’s full of useful, relevant information, and most things that should be visualized are.

There’s a little much text at the bottom of the infographic… maybe some more things should be explained in bullet points or illustrations instead of text. (How to Appear Confident and the “happy-go-lucky type” text sections are examples where the text could be shortened up a bit.) I’d also maybe like to see the appropriate social distance chart visualized–it’d be fairly simple to add scaled distances between two characters to illustrate the distance.

There are also some technical problems, like spelling and punctuation. “59% of women were interested an the ‘ideal’ single man…”–meant to be “in.” “Crossing your legs toward partner touching partner conveys interest”–I’m not really sure what the copy is supposed to read there. “A person of lower status typically sit’s second” doesn’t need the apostrophe. Little things like that make a difference.

This infographic is also 1200 pixels wide, and we like to see IGs max out at 1000 pixel width. Any larger and users have to scroll horizontally to see the whole image at full size.

With all these things considered, I’ll give this infographic a B. It’s pretty good, the changes are fairly minor, but it has room to grow in the finishing stages before it’s A+ material.

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