Infographic: Useless But Somewhat Interesting Trivia For Mad Men


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This infographic was submitted to us by, who provided this description:

“Madmen TV series requires no further introduction if you

are a certified potato couch. Additionally, if you’re mad about Madmen

TV series, I am just convinced you’ll love this infographic site of

ours because in this site, you can find interesting facts and trivia’s

concerning your favorite television show. One example , you will be

aware of the real names of your favorite stars on the TV show in addition

to other juicy details that real diehard fan would actually appreciate!

For those hiding in their caves, according to Wikipedia ‘Mad Men is an

American dramatic television series created and produced by Matthew

Weiner. The series airs on Sunday evenings on the American cable

network AMC and is produced by Lionsgate Television. It premiered on

July 19, 2007, concluded its fifth season on June 10, 2012 and has

been renewed for a sixth season.'”

This isn’t an infographic in the traditional sense, because there is no data visualization–in fact, there’s almost no visualizable data, except for a few revenue and cost figures and the breast implant surgery factoid. It’s also a little strange that the copy chooses to use the first person in this way: “Personally, I don’t think this is a good thing. At all.” When you say “we” in an infographic, and there’s an obvious logo or company to associate it with, it’s not strange. But “I”–well, who’s “I”? The infographic itself?

This is a cool resource for Mad Men fans though, with details about major characters and some of the ways the show has influenced real-life trends. I’d give it a B for interest but a D as an infographic, since there’s no data at all.

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