Infographic: Understanding The 4C’s Of Diamonds


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This infographic about the 4C’s used to evaluate diamonds comes to us from the folks at Brilliance.

What I like about this are all the pictures representing the different carats, cuts, and parts of diamonds. The color scheme also works well with the topic and is cohesive throughout the infographic.

I give this a C, the reason being that it is about half text and half graphics. The explanations of the 4C’s are pretty lengthy and in some areas more data visualization is necessary. Data visualization is the most important part of an infographic, you should be able to take away the text and still get information out of the graphics. One suggestion I have is that the arrows from the 4C’s point to a more distinct place on the big diamond in the middle. As it is the arrow from “Color”, for example, just points to a seemingly random area on the diamond with no color in it. This could be improved if the area that the arrow pointed to had some different shades of color in it. This infographic could also benefit from a little more data, perhaps pertaining to price or rarity of certain types of diamonds. Making this a bit more data-driven and working on the data visualization could easily raise the grade from a C to a B.

The best data visualization in this in my opinion occurs with “Carat” and “Cut”. I like the representation of the different sizes of diamonds for “Carat” and the refraction for “Cut”. The overall flow of this infographic is good, it is not too cluttered and does a nice job of presenting a basic rundown of the different qualities of diamonds. For someone who doesn’t know anything about how diamonds are evaluated this is a good quick look at the topic, I know I learned something!

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