Infographic: Understanding Pearls: Everything You Need to Know


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The Pearl Source sent us this infographic, along with a short description:

The Pearl Source’s latest Infographic is here to give you a great overview of everything a reader needs to know about pearls. This is also very useful for someone looking for more info before they purchase pearls or pearl jewelry.

This is an informative guide that talks about the differences between main types of pearls and how to identify the qualities of a good-quality pearl. It’s short and sweet so the viewer can learn more about pearls without spending all day reading.

Something I’d like to see that would improve the efficacy of the infographic is for the text in the first section to be broken up and shortened a bit more; more than 3-5 lines of text (however brief) on an infographic can look deceptively heavy, even when it’s only 1-2 sentences.

It would also be great to have visuals of each different type of pearl. There’s a single strand of uniform pearls above the descriptions, but black Tahitian pearls are not white!

The overall asethetic looks a little haphazard as well; more uniform content sizes within sections would really help standardize layout, and the ribbon at the bottom with the company logo looks a bit out of place with two thin strips of beige (of different sizes) around it.

In all I’d give this infographic a B- as it could use a bit of text-trimming to add to a more uniform layout, and more visual cues with less text.

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