Infographic: Understanding Ecommerce Re-Platforming


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This infographic was submitted to us by Ecommerce Partners, who also provided this description:

Do you want to increase sales, visitor retention, and customer satisfaction? One way to accomplish these goals is through a re-platforming of your ecommerce website. Selecting a new platform for your business can be confusing with so many options available. It is important to define your ecommerce strategy and goals, and then try to find the platform that best serves those needs. Take a look at this infographic for more tips on what to look for in an ecommerce platform, and whether re-platforming is right for you!

This graphic makes a lot of good points about its topic and features some cute illustrations. However, the illustrations aren’t driving the graphic: the text is. Since the viewer has to read their way through, it doesn’t really do the job that an infographic is meant to do. An infographic should tell a story with imagery wherever possible, keeping text to a minimum. This maximizes engagement in our visual world.

Unfortunately, this feels a bit like an article that was overlaid onto some background imagery, rather than an infographic. As mentioned, it needs to rely more heavily on illustration, data visualization, iconography — anything other than text blocks to tell its story. The text should play a more supplemental role.

There are also inconsistencies and typos. The word “e-commerce” is spelled several different ways throughout the IG, alternating capitalizations and occasionally featuring a hyphen. That’s a unique situation since everyone seems to have their own way to spell it, but it should be consistent within the image. Proofreading is a pretty important step to any final product, so be sure to triple-check your work.

Given this, it’s tough to grade this as an infographic. I’d have to give it a D for being almost exclusively text, unfortunately.

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