Infographic: Unbelievable Statistics About Kids & Teens on the Internet


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SearchRPM sent us this infographic, along with a brief description:

This highly visual piece delivers impactful information that relays the importance of protecting kids from cyber bullies, criminals and hackers that are online.

The Internet changes and expands daily, which makes protecting people and devices more challenging. Cyber criminals and stalkers often take advantage of new systems before the general public is aware of the potential dangers. The SearchRPM Internet Safety Resource section features the most up-to-date information on potential risks and the most effective ways of protecting kids.

The unified color scheme creates a pleasing aesthetic throughout, and the consistent typeface adds to that effect. The design uses typography as it’s primary means of communicating stats; there are only a couple of data points represented with data visualization (a pie chart and a bar graph). Iconography, however, is used throughout to supplement — for example, private Facebook accounts are shown with a closed safe, and public Facebook accounts represented by an open safe.

Something that is holding the design back a bit is the layout. There is no real informational hierarchy or organization here, and the use of all-caps in some places seems to indicate section headers, when that isn’t really the case (“Percentage of teens that have social accounts” only refers to 1 statistic, but its distinct all-caps format makes it look like it’s starting a larger section).

There are also some inconsistencies like title casing and periods in some stats but not others — don’t forget to proof before you publish!

In all I’d give this infographic a C-; it’s got a lot of great information, but could use another look at layout and proofing to be sure the points are coming across with the most impact.

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