Infographic: UK Gambling Performance Comparison


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Smart Live Gaming submitted this infographic to us, and also included a short description:

This infographic takes a look at the performance of the UK gambling audience. There are researched statistics and graphs that highlights different areas of the UK gambling market. The research has been categorized into areas such as:
– Different cities in the UK
– Age Gap
– Gender Gap
It also compares the different cities in their online gambling activities.

It’s a good overview of the UK gambling audience! We can see that Liverpool, women, and people ages 40-44 routinely come out on top.

While the collection of information is good, a bit more of a narrative would be helpful. Stats could have descriptive section headers instead of “% of spend per city” etc. While good infographics don’t need a lot of text to get their point across (and this one accomplishes that pretty well!), a little bit helps to guide the viewer and carry them through the sets of data.

Additionally, it’s a bit all over the place in terms of aesthetic, with varying illustration and data viz styles creating an uneven impression. Pick a style, color palette, and set of fonts, and utilize it throughout for best results!

In all I’d give this infographic a B- since it minimizes use of text and is pretty easy to interpret, but could use a bit more visual and narrative pizzazz.

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