Infographic: UK Christmas Shopping 2011


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This infographic was submitted to us by and here is what they had to say about it:

“It might sound crazy to be publishing a Christmas infographic in September but believe it
or not, this is the month that many start their Christmas shopping. A leading UK
department store started their Christmas display back in July. All these facts and more
like the average amount spent per person each Christmas and the value of unwanted gifts
each year in the UK.”

I see a lot of positive elements in this infographic. Not only does it have some really intriguing facts, but it also has some nice data visualization. I particularly enjoy the graphics used for the statistic about the most popular day and time to shop online at work. One thing I would change about this graphic is how the sources are cited throughout. It would make a more cohesive design if the sources were left to be cited at the very end.

Also, the data about online shopping vs. attending church is visualized very nicely in this infographic. It also very data-driven and would make more sense than many if all the text was removed. The infographic has a cohesive design throughout, but the source icons take away from it and make it more confusing than it should be. Like I mentioned earlier, if all the sources were just cited at the bottom of the infographic, then it would be much more aesthetically pleasing.

As far as a letter grade, it would receive a B- from me. The data visualization, though better than many, could use some improvement. An infographic should still make sense when all text is removed and this one would fail to do that in several places. However, it has a nice layout and tells a story from start to finish, stating many interesting and relevant facts.

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