Infographic: UFC Champions by the Numbers


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This has a lot of elements of a good infographic. The design is clean and consistent, the color scheme is well thought out for its topic and background color, it’s practically nothing but data viz, and the information is accessible, even to outsiders of the sport. I like the way the graphs have been designed, so that even when there isn’t something as clean-cut as a 1-10 value (such as Strikes Landed Per Minute), you can see who’s the leader in that field. Cain Velasquez’s bar is full at 7.05, so I can gather that no one else on the IG will have more than 7.05 strikes landed per minute.

Pretty much my only issue is with the final stat about Twitter followers. I like that it’s there; it speaks to the popularity of the fighters and ties in to the demographic of people who will likely be viewing the IG: UFC fans who use the internet/social media. However, it’s really the only data of its type in the infographic. I’d love to see it supported by some Facebook fan page info, or maybe some sample tweets from each of the fighters. I’m also curious if none of the other fighters listed have Twitter accounts? I understand the logic behind a list of the top 3, but since we have so much info about every fighter in the rest of the infographic, I’d like to know about all of them. It would also provide a chance to change up the style one last time, since the individual fighter stats are a large chunk of the IG.

That being said, I’d give this infographic an A-. This is pretty darn good, so regarding the Twitter stat: should it stay or should it go? It could either be taken out or expanded upon, depending on what the company wants.

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